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I've been working on Fiverr from 2017 and transferring my revenues from Fiverr to my local bank account through Payoneer.

I've transferred more than $100 to my bank account via Payoneer but still I can't order a MasterCard. Why?

How can I order a MasterCard? As I've received more than 100 dollars from Fiverr through Payoneer, will it be counted?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @Dan_Payoneer

    My issue has been solved by the support center. Thanks for your assistance! :smiley:


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    Hi @Dan_Payoneer

    I've contacted with the support through "Message" option yesterday. They sent me an automatic reply which didn't answer my query. Then I replied that email and waiting for their response. If you want I can provide you the ticket number.

    Now I'm telling you my problem in short.

    I opened my Payoneer account from Fiverr in the last year. When I tried to transfer my first revenue, I clicked on the "Bank Transfer" option and then it took me to the Payoneer website. From that time, I'm transferring my revenues from Fiverr to my local bank account (which is at my city Khulna) via Payoneer. Every time whenever I click the "Bank Transfer" option on my Fiverr account, it sends money to Payoneer and Payoneer deposits the money to my local bank account within few business days. Till now I've transferred more than 100 dollars but still when I try to order a MasterCard, it's showing that I need to receive 100 dollars or equivalent to order the card.

    I saw that whenever I start the transaction from Fiverr, Payoneer doesn't deposit the money to my Payoneer account. It directly transfers the money to my local bank account through my Payoneer account.

    So how can I order a MasterCard now? If I can't deposit money in my Payoneer account how it can be possible to order the card?
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    I can send you my Payoneer email, customer ID, the ticket number. But how should I do that? Should I post them here in this comment section?

    One more thing, I got an email from Payoneer today (not from the customer service). They have congratulated me for one year anniversary and 100+ USD transferring. But still I saw in my Payoneer account that I need to receive that amount of money to order a card. :(

    I've tried to upload the picture of that mail here. But unfortunately the rules of here didn't permit me to do that as I haven't been here for a certain period of time. My bad!

    Let me know the process of sending you the informations. Thanks!
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    Okay. I better do live chat with the support rather than waiting here to earn badges. I'll update you here.
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