Change my Blocked Payoneer Account in Fiverr

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Hi, I need help.
I want to detached my Block Payoneer account in fiverr. My Fiverr Bank transfer option in withdrawal method is still stuck with the that account, and if i hover my mouse pointer on it, it says "Waiting for card issuer approval". I contacted fiverr for this, but they said to Contact with Payoneer for this. I also contacted to payoneer and they said we can't do anything because that account is blocked.
Can anyone help me with this, How can i detached my card in fiverr ??


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    @Dan_Payoneer, Thanks for the reply.
    My fiverr is currently linked to my block account.
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    @Dan_Payoneer kindly help me
  • SidraSidra Member Posts: 4
    Hi @Dan_Payoneer I have send you Customer and email id .
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