Bank account in pending approval

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Hi, I added Bank al-habib as a withdraw to bank service on 11 July. it has been a week I did not received any emails or any update on that. can some one help me?


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    Thanks for hearing me out. id is 16720084

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    okay, I am waiting for an update. Thanks

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    HI Dan, it has been two days after your response.I got an email that day from customer care that my query regarding bank account is being reviewed. but after that I don't get any email yet.

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    Hi Dan, thank you for your support. today I received an email saying that my bank account has been approved. I received another email saying

    You recently provided details of a bank account that is not in your name. We require additional information regarding the bank account owner in order to safeguard your Payoneer account and ensure smooth processing in the future.

    This is the screenshot of the link which I clicked from email.

    I am asking because the domain this form shows on is and it is no SSL secured.

    Should I proceed with it??

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    ok thanks :)

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