Why i didn't receive my account approval email??

moemagdimoemagdi Member Posts: 4
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

When i was completing the for i have read it will take 3 business days to confirm my account . But i didn't receive it yet .

There is anything i can do to make the process move faster ??


  • moemagdimoemagdi Member Posts: 4
    First i would like to thank you for you kind reply
    My customer ID is : 27310752
  • s016778s016778 Member Posts: 3
    I registered on 8th July 18 but I am still waiting approval please help

    Is there anything i can do to make the process move faster ??

    Customer ID 27302231
  • moemagdimoemagdi Member Posts: 4
    There is any answer we are going to get soon ???
  • DovelyDovely Member Posts: 4
    I registered less than 5 hours ago and I've got the approval email now. I don't know but just wanna say maybe you guys didn't provide all necessary information to make your application review faster.
    Just a thought though. Hope you guys get approved soonest.
  • moemagdimoemagdi Member Posts: 4
    If i didn't give the necessary information they should ask for it . But actually i didn't receive any kind of reply . And kinda feel ignored 😕
  • OsamamOsamam Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    i have registered an account on payoneer on 12 july 2018
    but till now i didn't get any e-mail for approval
    my Customer ID: 27366613
    please help, THANKS
  • OsamamOsamam Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    same problem here, Customer ID: 27366613
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