using Payoneer as deposit method on, Euro-country

brimibrimi Member Posts: 8
Is there any seller living in a European country (with €) who could add the Payoneer account as deposit method? I am trying to add my Payoneer account and it seems that Amazon seller central doesn’t allow me to add it. The related Amazon Helppage indeed doesn’t mention Euro-countries. Does anyone know if this is true or do I make some mistake? Thank you.


  • brimibrimi Member Posts: 8
    Hello Dan, a driving license (or national ID), a credit or debit card and a bank statement. That's what I did: driving license, debit card and bank statement of my account at a Greek bank.
  • brimibrimi Member Posts: 8
    Hello Dan, I think before going in these details it would be good to know if (USA) is accepting Payoneer as Deposit method for people from a €-coutry. In a Payoneer blog it is mentioned that Amazon accepts sellers of 24 countries to use Payoneer; in Amazon sellercentral indeed no €-country is on the list under "Using Payoneer with Amazon". You find the link to Amazon help page under the number G201808090

    So I think this is clearly answering my question: as seller living in a €-country it is unfortunately not possible to add Payoneer as deposit method and the Greek bank will continue to eat my benefits!
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