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Hola, hace unos dias atrás trate de realizar el pago de unas licencias de windows 8 por medio del website de microsoft, la transaccion no fue efectiva, asi que la compre con mi tarjeta de credito tradicional, el saldo fue descontado de mi tarjeta pero aparecen en lista en Pre Authorize Transactions List, como hago para declinarlas y que retorne dicho saldo? Administradores de Payonner que hago para solucionarlo? Esta era mi primera compra.

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Hello, A few days ago try to make the payment of a license through the windows 8 microsoft website, the transaction was not effective, so I bought it with my traditional credit card, the balance was deducted from my card but appear Pre list on Authorize Transactions list, how do I decline them and return the balance? Administrators Payonner I do to fix it? This was my first purchase.


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    A pre-authorization is just a temporary hold placed by the merchant, which expires after 7 business days if not charged. Most likely Microsoft will not charge you, as they said it was declined.

    When you make a purchase online, make sure that the address and phone number match exactly to your Payoneer account, or they may not be processed. Also be sure to enter the correct card number, CVV, and expiration date.