What should I write in this required Field ?

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I'm working as a Remote Support Agent and I don't have a store or anything, what am I supposed to put in the field : " Provide a direct web link to your online store or website " , while completing the Global Payment Service Questionnaire.


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    I'm an employee at 5CA, here's their website "www.5ca.com" and they are headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands if I'm not mistaken.
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    @Dan_Payoneer all I know is that, as a remote worker I'll be paid via a freelancing platform (GoLance). So I linked my Payoneer to it and I'm trying to set up the Global payment service.
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    @Dan_Payoneer I guess that's their method of payment, I can't do much about it.
    So, any ideas about the required field? How am I supposed to complete the questionnaire and activate my Global Payment Service ? "www.ibb.co/hXDBnK" ( ScreenShot )
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    Very helpful, thank you.
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    What's "that" ? You didn't give me any advice or tips, you didn't reply for a week... So no "it" didn't work.
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    It looks like we have a misunderstanding here. I have no problem with the GoLance and I already linked my Payoneer account to it.
    My issue is with the Global Payment Service. I can't Fill in the Questionnaire since I don't own an Online shop or a Website. What can I do in this situation?
    Thank you.
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    Why is that question not answered? WHAT THE HELL? It should be a simple answer and I want to know the same too. Basically everyone who uses the Global Payment Service is an employee or an affiliate. You can't even receive payments from individuals only companies....so why half of the questions are phrased like we are selling goods ourselves???

    Do you offer refunds? Send us a link to your store? And on top of that the fields don't allow the ' sign, it says non-latin characters detected, so you can't write words like "don't". I mean this has to be some kind of a joke?

    Bocai, any updates? I just filled in the questionaire myself and simply said "I am an affiliate and dont have a store" in all fields"....
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    It's been over 2 weeks and sadly there's no answer.

  • @Bocai GoLance is a company we work with in partnership, which means that you do not have to complete the questionnaire to start receiving payment from this company since you will not need the Global Payment Details to make the transfer. To start receiving payments from GoLance to your Payoneer account, you have to Link Golance from their website to your account with Payoneer. Once done, you'll be able to verify how to directly initiate the payment to Payoneer.

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    @Cristale_Payoneer I'm grateful for your reply because I wasn't sure if I needed that feature to get my payment through GoLance, thank you for the clarification.
    But still want to activate the Global payment in case I'm not being paid through GoLance, so again, what should I do?

  • The Global Payment Details are already active on your account, however, it is important to provide the verification requirement to avoid any delay while verifying your future payments.

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    @Cristale_Payoneer Thanks a lot! I believe that this thread is solved.

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