Payoneer doesn't let me connect new bankaccount

Hi, I just tried to add a bank account to payoneer, but when entering my password and date of birth it says one of them is incorrect, but I'm sure they are correct. The bank account is in a different country than my country of residence as stated in payoneer, could it be because of this? Or maybe I entered my date of birth incorrectly when registering (I can't check this). Thanks.


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    Hey! If the error message shows one of the details is incorrect then you may need to contact the support center to verify and confirm your details. If the date of birth is incorrect, then you'll need to provide a copy of your ID in order to fix it.

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    Okay, will do that, is it no issue that the bank account is not my country of billing/residence?
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    It really depends, the system will decline your request if the bank account entered is not compatible but since you cannot login the best would first be to re-enable you that option.

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