4 digit code for PAYPAL

selo19selo19 Member Posts: 6
i can not find 4 digit PAYPAL code on my account statement.Please can you help


  • Dear @selo19 The 4 digits verification code is in your transaction list (if the transaction is in USD), the code will appears as follow "PP1234" .

  • selo19selo19 Member Posts: 6
    it is in GBP. So?
  • In that case, the support will provide it to you

  • selo19selo19 Member Posts: 6
    support only send automatic messages!
    please provide me a reliable answers
  • Then we recommend you to contact the support via social media channels directly by sending a private message via Facebook or Twitter!

  • selo19selo19 Member Posts: 6
    Do what this place is for?
  • We unfortunately do not have the tools to assist you with this matter through the forum because the forum is reversed for general topics and not individual issues.
    i suggest you directly contact our support via Chat, email or phone at 1-646-658-3695 or social media channels by sending a private message.

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