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    I have a Payoneer bank account registered with Barclays Bank in Gibraltar. My company wants a SWIFT Code and IBAN Number to process monthly payments to my account. They will not pay me without this information.

    I have tried searching online for this information without success because the Payoneer sort code and account address does not match up with available Barclay Bank SWIFT Codes and IBAN Numbers currently in Gibraltar.

    I have tried using customer service, chat and messaging, but I only receive off-topic emails, replies and not the information I need.

    Please help, or I won't get paid.

    Thank you.
  • Hi @JohnH SWIFT/BIC is generally used to receive wire transfers which is unfortunately not supported by the service. The option to receive payments via the Global Payment service includes ACH/Direct deposit only.

  • JohnHJohnH Member Posts: 8
    I don't understand your answer as it doesn't answer my question.

    My company requires a SWIFT/BIC and IBAN to transfer my salary to Payoneer. Do you provide them, yes or no? The answer appears to be no.

    So, I went online, finally found a good IBAN generator site and generated an IBAN from there, using my Payoneer account sort code and number. It also gave me a SWIFT/BIC and a full profile of my account, excluding my name.

    Why doesn't Payoneer provide this useful information as routine? It makes life a lot easier to set up payments etc., and I'm sure your customers would definitely appreciate it.
  • To receive payments in USD you cannot use a SWIFT/BIC or IBAN but only the details provided on your account. In which currency are you getting paid?

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    Pounds sterling. I'm really desperate to sort this out, Crystal, so please keep trying. Thank you.
  • JohnHJohnH Member Posts: 8
    The other problem I have is the payments team tell me they won't accept payment to my Payoneer UK bank account (with an account number and sort code). The IBAN and SWIFT I found online are not acceptable to the payments team. I don't get it! It seems there's no point in having a Payoneer account.
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    no problem, our support can provide you with this details. I suggest you to directly contact our representatives via our social media channels by sending a private message on Facebook or Twitter to submit your request. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

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    Please tell me where my account is registered, it's in Gibraltar somewhere, but where exactly and which Barclays branch. I will track down the IBAN and SWIFT codes myself. There's no point asking online support on the account page for the information; nothing happens.
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    Hi @JohnH. To get access to a BIC for your GBP global payment service account you would need to contact our support team directly. This is something we can put in as a request for you. It should take a few days, but the team would be able to issue you a bank that features a BIC and IBan that you can use to receive your GBP payments.

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    Hi Edwin, I have tried this twice, three times and keep getting automated information or email with the same automated information. I have tried to chat to a "real person" without any success.

    No one ever responds to live chat; again, I keep receiving automated emails... Please help. Thank you.
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    I've just tried to use live chat again. This is what I get. Please help, your automated system is not helping at all.
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    Hi @JohnH . Please send me a private message with the reference number from the email you sent which received an automated reply.

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