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tokyosouptokyosoup Posts: 2Member
Hi, I can't withdraw my money on my bank account,even if in the past I always does without a problem. The site told me that I 'havent funds,but I have morethan 50 dollars. The limit is 50 dollars,so I don't understand what happens.. On the automatic support,I've found this :

How do I make a withdrawal to my bank account?

This service is unfortunately unavailable for your Payoneer Account.We’re definitely working hard to have it available for more Payoneer account holders in the near future, and apologize for any inconvenience.

So.. what I have to do to? I really need my money...
Thanks for your time

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  • tokyosouptokyosoup Posts: 2Member
    I have some difficult to talk with live chat due my bad english.. I'll try with a message on FB.. thanks
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