It would be fantastic that you work with LeapIN

I have a question, maybe you can help. My company in Estonia works with LeapIN for accounting and tax management. Is it possible that from your API they could have access to my company movements inside Payoneer? I know that they do something similar with PayPal, but I prefer Payoneer. How can be this implemented? Does LeapIN need to hire someone for do the integration, or you have a team dedicated to that? LeapIN is one of the bigger providers of this kind of services for Estonian e-resident program, recommended for Estonian Govertment itself as you can see in the recommended service providers list that e-resident program has in their website (hey, Payoneer appears here too!). I know that, if you integrate with LeapIN a lot of Estonian e-resident companies will come to use Payoneer, and that would be great, because you bring a fantastic service. How can we make it possible?


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    Hi there @OliverdelaRosa,

    Glad to see that you are so excited about a partnership between Payoneer and LeapIn. If in the off chance that you know anyone from there, have them contact us so that we can explore this possibility further.

    In the mean time, if they send payments via bank transfer, you should be able to use our Global Payment Service to receive payments from them into Payoneer.


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