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I have an account on Payoneer with Euro and a german IBAN. Now Paypal has send 0,01 Euro with a Code. I need this Code to confirm my Paypal account. But i can't see the code because it is no transaction usage message to see.


  • annettejungannettejung Member Posts: 4
    And i wrote to the Payoneer Support for two times. No Answer. ;)
  • annettejungannettejung Member Posts: 4
    No answer via Mail, no answer here. Hello Support?
  • KazPayoneerKazPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 1,562 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @annettejung,

    Please have PayPal send this transaction again as it did not contain a 4 digit code.

    For additional support on this, please send a personal message.


  • annettejungannettejung Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2019
    Hello @KazPayoneer , thanks for the answer. I have received the second payment from Paypal. But in this payment i also cant see the payment message. Paypal has send a payment with 0,01 Euro. In the transaction message is the code with 4 digits. Please tell me this code.

    I have send personal messages to the support. But i didn't get answer yet.
  • KazPayoneerKazPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 1,562 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @annettejung,

    We haven't received a personal message from you, but in most cases if you can't see the code on the transaction, we cannot either. This is one of those cases.

    You may have to let PayPal know that these transactions are not containing any codes.

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