Withdraw money with Bank Account in Paraguay

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I opened an account in skrill the other day, expecting already something to go in the wrong direction i decided to make a deposit of a few bucks to make a test if i would be able to withdraw it through my bank account, just to get this ''Bank not supported''

So i want to know what are the chances of that happening with payoneer and i end up with money stuck here too? my bank seems to have a functional ''swift code'' etc.

Bank: Banco Familiar S.a.e.c.a.


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    Hi there

    If we understood you correctly, it seems you attempted to withdraw funds from Skrill into your Payoneer Account. To do this, you will first need to verify your Ewallet account with a credit card. Once this is done, you will be able to add the US Payment Service details to your Skrill Account as a withdrawal method. The US Payment Service details can be found underneath the "Receive" tab on the main menu of your Payoneer Account and then by selecting "Global Payment Service"

    If you were referring to something else, please correct us so we can further assist you

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    > @morga

    I will try clarify a bit more.

    Is there any way to know if i will be able to withdraw to my bank account in Paraguay without any problem before adding money to the payoneer account?. Is there any type of list showing which banks can withdraw money from payoneer?

    I will not add money to the payoneer account just to make a test and get a message showing that my bank is not supported for withdraw like what happend to me with skrill. I want to know that i will not have any problem beforehand.
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    Our system works a bit differently than Skrill. We generally do not have restrictions against specific banks - it is more that we are unable to support bank withdrawals in countries. If your country is one of the ones we cannot support, you won't be able to add a bank account in your country. Paraguay is not one of them, so any bank account that you add will be fine for bank withdrawal as long as the details you enter is correct. You wouldn't get a notice that says "bank not supported" after withdrawal.

    We also do not have a way to send a test transfer to the bank account before you add it. This is why we always advise that you use extreme caution when entering the bank details into our system to make sure they are correct.


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