Details about Reordering Payoneer MasterCard

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First of all, I would like to mention that I wasted 4 hours to talk to a Customer Representative about my issue, and when my turn came, the chat was cancelled without any help or reason.

I ordered a Payoneer Mastercard through regular mail on 21-6-19 which got approved and was set to arrive till 10-7-19, but it has not arrived yet.
In FAQ's I saw that I can re-order my Payoneer Card but I don't know if Payoneer is going to charge me for this re-order or not?


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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about you not getting your card. You are more than welcome to re-order it, and there will not be an additional cost.


  • Annas23Annas23 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for the prompt reply, one more thing I wanted to task, Should I order it through a better courier service? or the regular mail does actually deliver within the time frame?
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    You can order it via regular post mail free of charge or request for it to be shipped via DHL. DHL shipping costs $40/€35/£30 and is delivered within 4-7 business days with a tracking number

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    If I have 60 £ in my payoneer account, and I order the card via DHL for 35£, then I won't have much funds to withdraw as the minimum amount is 50£ for ATM withdrawal.

    Can someone tell me why hasn't the card arrived yet through the regular mail? How long does it usually take for the card to arrive through regular mail or has someone experienced the same issue in Pakistan?
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    We have no control over the shipping after we've sent it out, so I would certainly suggest that you contact your local post to see if they have received the card.

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