Annual maintenance account (account linked visa card) & minimum withdrawal?

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Hi. :) everyone on the forum i need help ... I looked at the whole forum for my problem, but I did not find the answer. I sent mail support but until now I have not received an answer.

Would you some of you be kind enough to answer me :) to two my queations

1 question: Specifically, I have a payoneer account linked to a debit Intesa visa card, do i, as a user, pay an annual maintenance account (as some say about $ 30) OR NOT? (It's very important to me)

2 question: What is the Payoneer minimum withdrawal for my account precisely (withdrawal on debit Intesa card)
I'll probably get cash up to $50 from some ads of some ad company. P.S. I'm resident of Serbia (Europe) .

Thank you for help and answer :) and sorry for bad english language :/


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    any help please :)
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    Dear @gox thank you for reaching out to us regarding this inquiry.

    The annual maintenance of 29.95$ is charged according to your account type. If you applied for a Payoneer currency balance account through the website then the fee is only charged once you have ordered and activated a card. In case you do not have a card, the fee is not charged but only the fees associated to your activities on the account such as withdrawals, receiving payments etc...

    The minimum amount you can withdraw to your bank account should be 50USD if you withdraw in to a bank account in your local currency. If you do not withdraw to a bank account in your local currency, you will have to reach out the support and have a representative verify that for you.

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    @Cristale_Payoneer I appreciate your response thank you :) It's important to me that I can withdraw from the payonner account to my Visa Electron (debit) card ( My visa electron card for payments connected for euro and dollar
    I probably get a $ 50 for one ad company for their ads on my site. So I should get on the card monetary amounts in dollars (or euros) NOT IN MY local currency

    in any case thanks Cristale_Payoneer to the quick response I will contact the support if I can get it ;) !
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    @gox , have you added a bank account to your Payoneer account or a Visa Debit card?

    Please know that you can only withdraw to a bank account and not to a credit or debit card.

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