Please help. See Why I Stopped My Payoneer Sign-up Half Way

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I have been thinking of getting a Payoneer account to use with Amazon, Fiverr and more. But, half way during the sign-up - when I was required to provide my contact address - I stopped because I want to get a PO Box first to make the delivery of my card easy and certain. But after going through this forum, it seems that I can have a Payoneer account without having the card.

So I am asking, should I go ahead and sign up, then later when I get my PO Box, I can update my address. Or, will I be allowed to have a different address for the delivery of the card?

Also, the addresses on my government issued ID are not the same as the address I use now. Can this have any problem later on either during the sign-up, receiving of money or during the delivery of my card?

To help your answer, please, I am in Nigeria. Thank you in anticipation.


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    The address we ask for is a complete residential address - a billing address. When you order the card you can change the shipping address. But I would advise to not use a PO box for the billing address as it will create issues with approving your account.

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