Regarding IBAN account for GBP

farookquadrifarookquadri Member Posts: 2
I want to receive GBP amount from but he accept only 13-15digit IBAN account with BIC .but u give only 9 digit can I get my amount.


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    Hi there @farookquadri
    If you require the IBAN to receive payments from Amazon UK, please reach out to our support team so they can review your request to issue new bank details.

  • farookquadrifarookquadri Member Posts: 2
    I already submit request with reference no 190729-017181 but did not get any response from.
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    @farookquadri We transferred your request to the relevant department to review the possibility of providing an IBAN. If possible, your account will be assigned with a new and additional Global Payment Service account in GBP that has an IBAN associated with it.

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