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Hi everyone, greetings. here I want to ask about receiving payments from the company. I joined the affiliate business with Crakrevenue, and they had the choice to accept payments with ACH. My difficulty is that they ask for the ACH Bank address, and I don't know what the address is. What is the solution to know the address of the ACH Bank?


  • Dipto43Dipto43 Member Posts: 1
    In crackrevenue, check($2) and wire($20) is aviailable. How I can get payment by using Payonner's global payment system?
    Please help
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    Hi, you would need to have CrackRevenue send an ACH local transfer, as the Global Payment Service is unable to receive wire transfer payments. I suggest contacting them for more information on how to send with ACH.

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    Hi, I need ACH address of Global payment Services...
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    @abmsabuj What is the reason you need the address please?

  • abmsabujabmsabuj Member Posts: 2
    For account payment method update. This is very urgent for me kindly assist.
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    Hey @abmsabuj we've just sent you an email with your GPS Bank Address. Please let us know if you need anything else! ;-)

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    I cannot see my receiving account please help me.
  • vincenthart0065vincenthart0065 Member Posts: 2
    I need Payoneer email I can use to contact you directly. I need help on my account
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    @vincenthart0065 You will need to contact our support team via email or phones in order to have further assistance on your case.

    Please use the link provided:

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    I sign up for clickbank but i dont know how i going to receive my payment if i dont get a bank adress and code from payoneer
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    @Wendel please contact us via inbox with your DM for further assistance.

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