My transaction is still pending

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What is wrong with your system these days. It has been asking information that it never requested in the past. It asked for identification documents, website, invoice, communication with customer and other information, which I thought was very private and no financial institution should be asking for that. At first, I received a message that said the request was made my mistake after I had already provided the details that were needed then I received another request for more information. What is happening guys? My funds are stuck after I withdrew money from PayPal. I have periodic payments that I have to make with the card and if my account does not have money, my business will be interrupted greatly. From the other threads here, It seems your system is having problems, which you really need to fix fast. I used to receive money in as little as 1 or 2 days. Now it is close to a week with no money. I need my money or you can return it to my PayPal account if you cannot process it.

Customer ID: 1184577


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    HI Dan..
    I seem to be having the same problem too.. and I have filled all the additional information required and submitred screenshots, I got a response to subit the screenshots from a computer and ivery done that but my payments are still not approved..pls let me know what's happening

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    Costumer ID

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    @AntonyM The information has been requested due to new security requirement and to ensure that your future payments will be processed smoothly . We apologize for the delay, now that the information has been verified, your future income should be processed as it used to be in the past.

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    I also submitted my required document & it hasbeen approved and verified also but my money is still pending. It hasbeen too late now. Please respond me. I am facing financial crisis alot in my life so please release my money.
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    Please respond me as soon as possible.
    Your Customer Support Center's website is also not responding. Each time i tried to login, your web was keep loading. Please check the problem. I really need my payments which you have kept them in pending. I am repeatedly telling you that i've submitted the requested documents and they got approved why my payments are not released yet.
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    And withdrawal to bank-account takes ages. Hello support what is going on?
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    Hi, there was an issue with the bank withdrawals that should be resolved now.

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    Finally I've received my payments right after the 2 business days of complain in this community.
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    payoneer team,
    As a customer for the past 4 years , I have never had to wait for a payment to be released .
    I have a payment pending for past days and still no update or no release . I can't literally use my account if the payment is not released.
    Can you please look into it ASAP - Otherwise I will have to use another platform moving forward .
    Thank you .
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    CID : 12401794
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    I keep waiting for my money to stop being pending.
    That money came from my bank account, which is registered in the payoneer.
    The payoneer asked me for my ID, which I sent right away. ID I had already provided in 2015.
    This service is terrible.
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    @Jacromao sorry to hear that - Same situation here - waiting for my money as well . I have called them on several occasion too ..
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    Dear Mr Galit,

    I trust my email will find you in good health and spirit!
    Being a loyal (happy) customer for the past 4 years with Payoneer, I have never experienced this type of situation : I have received a payment via New York from the company Pipedrive, which I consult for. And till then I have not received any update nor my payment has been released . It is still pending . Would you please be able to ask your team to speed up the review and release this payment today ? This situation is seriously affecting my family !

    Kindest Regards
    CID : 12401794
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    Hi @shalimar. There do not appear to be any pending incoming payments on your account. If you believe this is incorrect, please send me a private message with your payment i.d. and I will gladly take a look at it.

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    My transaction is also showing pending since 20th of August. Never received any money in my bank account as well. This is taking too long payoneer?
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    @AntonyM What is the payment ID you are referring to please?

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    "142933477 " does not show anything. Is this a payment or a transaction with your card?

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    @AntonyM Ok we located your payment. The payment ID is 142933478 just for your reference.
    We can see you were already advised that to proceed, we need a complete residential address as well as a better quality ID.

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    On which date did you provide the requested information? And what is the ticket number?

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    I am now in a big trouble wity Payoneer and I need clear guidance as well as quick solution because I am running out of my saving.

    I had withdrawl $600 to my local bank account on August 11 and waited for 12 business day to see that money on my local bank account. Unfortunately, I did not see so I had the first Live Chat with the customer support and provided all necessary information about my business profile. Three days later, I got a proof of transaction documet.

    After waiting another seven business day, I have not see my mony on my bank account. Therefore, I had a second Live Chat and asked me to wiat for another two days. Two days has passed but the issue has not solved.

    What should I do? I think Live Chat service is not really helpful.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    @AntonyM After communicating with our approval department, we could not approve the ID you provided as it is insufficient and unclear. Please provide a better quality copy of your ID so we can proceed.
    Furthermore, we also need a full residential billing address.
    Log in to your Payoneer online My Account
    Click "Settings" and choose "Verified Information" from the dropdown menu
    Open the relevant requirement to find a secure upload window
    Upload the required document
    Click "Submit"

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    @aungminsoe Thank you for reaching out to us! We are sorry to hear you have not received your withdrawal as of yet. We do see that you communicated with our support team yesterday and that this matter was transferred to our global payment department. In order for them to resume their investigation, please reply to their email from yesterday with the requested information.

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    @AntonyM We apologize for any miscommunication here- this is not a live chat so it is always best to reach out directly with our support team. We can see that our support team advised you yesterday via chat that we are still missing more information to verify and approve the payment.

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    Thank you for your patience

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    @AntonyM We can see that this payment was already loaded and your ID was approved as well

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    Hello I received a payment on 4th of Oct from my funding source, I had provided the requested information and my payment is still pending, this is very inconveniencing and discouraging considering that I am a first timer, could you please initiate the release of my funds kindly, There is nothing remaining for verification, I would appreciate your quick response.
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    @Omiti_Joseph Our team contacted you via email yesterday to advise what we need to proceed. Please resume communication there for further assistance

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    Why is this happenning? Payoneer just declined the money my client paid me for a finished project. On my transaction dashboard it says the transaction was cancelled/declined, again at the top it says up comming transaction with a pending status and a different transaction Id. Now Payoneer you guys have to decide what it is, it cancelled or pending? Which ever one it is you guys have to decide if you want to process the payment or not. If you can't process it please kindly return it back to my client(the sender) that way we can use a different payment platform.

    Thank you
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    @AnthonyX It appears you already communicated with our support team. They seem to have resolved your issue already. Thank you.

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    My payment is still pending.
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    Hello, support.
    On October 18, 2019 I made a payment request (155080839), my client literally made a payment right away. The payment has moved to the processing stage, the processing time is from 1 to 5 days. Although payment by the client was made by credit card, you have limited term of 1-2 days. On October 20, 2019, I received a letter that Payoneer's requires additional information from the payer (you have requested a passport or ID from him) and if he does not provide it within 7 days, the payment will be canceled. He immediately provided you with the required additional information.

    How long should I wait for payment processing ???
    Tell me, do you think this processing is operative, tomorrow 5 days from the date of payment ??? Or should I wait another 7 days from Sunday 20.10, when did you request information from the payer ???
    When will the payment (deadline) 155080839 be processed?
    Such confusion is not your competitive advantage in the 21st century.
    Give clear explanations for me and other users of your payment system about any reasonable processing time. This is a wish for Payoneer's.

    This appeal is answered by a support answering machine. What for????
    I need a specific answer to my questions.
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    Hello @dodiyanihar8460, glad that your payment is approved.

    @lekso, it appears that the information that the payer submitted is under review. We're moving to have the payment approved, and hope it will be approved within the next day or so. Sometimes, a payment sent through our payment request system will be under review because of a need for additional information. It is a case by case situation.

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    Hi , i ve been waiting for a transaction to be completed for 3 days or more now and i really need my money to pay my bills and im in a huge trouble now cause of this and its still on pending and None of the support agents replied to my ticket now not even once and i have sent my ID Verification so
    please Help .
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    @ihebz We can see that your payment was approved and loaded already :smile:

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