Payement en attente depuis plus d'une semaine.

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Bonjour monsieur Adam, j'ai reçu deux payement et c'est toujours en attente. Aidez moi a récupérer mes sous c'est urgent pour moi, j'ai des charges et comptes a régler et mes clients me harcèlent car je dois recevoir les payements afin d'effectuer leurs travaux, ça fait une semaine de retard que vous venez de me causer et c'est pas du tout acceptable. Faite quelque chose dans le meilleur délai.

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    Malgré que je vous avais envoyé les informations c'est toujours en attente, c'est très désolant. Je me suis trompé d'utiliser Payoneer pour recevoir mes payements ?😢😢😢


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    Hi there @akango
    We do not offer French support here - please either feel free to write us back in English or otherwise send our team an email so that you can be assisted in your native language:

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    Hello Mr. Adam, I received two payments and it is still waiting. Help me recover my money is urgent for me, I have loads and accounts to pay and my customers harass me because I have to receive the payments to perform their work, it's a week late than you just cause me and it is not acceptable at all. Do something in the best time.
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    @akango Our team sent you an email yesterday advising that we need more information to review and approve your payment. Unfortunately there is no way to skip this step as it is required for us to process your payment

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    Although I sent you the information it is still waiting, it is very sad. I was wrong to use Payoneer to receive my payments?
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    If you sent it since yesterday, please allow them time to review it first. If anything else is needed, you will be informed right away. Periodically the payments that are transferred through our system must be manually reviewed to ensure that all payments are within our Terms of Service.

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    Okay. I am waiting.Please pay as soon as possible please. It's urgent
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    Hello Payoneer, if you do not want send me my payment then send back to the IBAN address of my client. The customer will pay me by another means of transfer. thank you.

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    there is no point in using payoneer. it's to avoid wait times at the bank and the hassle of the bank that I used Payoneer and you are unable to credit my payments after nearly two weeks of expectations. it's sad. I just received the message that the payments will be sent back to the customer. thank you. it's bad service and bad experience. goodbye

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