Request payment not recieved - I need help.

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Hello, @KazPayoneer ,

Reference Number: 190913-002341

5 days ago I want to transfer money from Russia QIWI wallet, so I made a request and I paid the request,
(self loaded) , maybe I made mistake because I don't have any other choice to transfer money to my Payoneer account.

so the customer care requests me to provide Identifier ID, befer they process the payment, I told them I am unable to provide that because it is self loaded. and I requested them if they are unable to process this request, please cancel this payment and return money to my credit card wallet.

it is 5 days and nothing happened the payment still (Payment being processed), so please if your support team unable to process this payment cancel it.

please Cancel this request payment and return my money to my credit card.

thank you so much


  • gamaangamaan Member Posts: 19 ✭✭

    hello, @Kateryna_Payoneer ,

    could you please help me to cancel this payment and return my money to the credit card, because I told your customer care to cancel this payment and return money, I mad mistake, it is 7 days and nothing happened

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