Serious issues with withdraw and poor communication

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Hi, I'm using Payoneer for 2 years and it was fine but recently I tried to withdraw payments to my bank account, I added a bank details and made a withdraw of 300 USD which was the minimum limit, for some reason this transaction was rejected "by the bank" as said by payoneer, although my bank said they have no idea about the transaction and I should have a "rejection reason" if that happened. This dilemma took about 20 days with poor communication and 45 minutes waiting for each chat support!!

Anyways, I entered my new USD bank account detailed and requested a new withdraw but this time the minimum was 50USD and I thought that's better, but I read somewhere that to get it to $50 it has to be a bank account in local currency. my bank account is USD and I want to receive it in USD, I contacted chat support and after another 48 minutes of wait the support agent confirmed that I'll receive the payment in USD.

While waiting I contacted the support on Facebook and I received their response hours later saying "To get it to $50 you have to add a bank account in your local currency."

So, I'm confused with the 2 answers I got from support, and it's important to me to get the payment in USD or I'll have issues with my bank. If that's the case I need to cancel this withdraw.

I need a quick help, because I can't wait for days and days to get a response from payoneer support.

If anyone of Payoneer staff wants to help, my Customer ID 23486259 and all transaction and chat detailed are available.

Looking for your help.

Thank you


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    Your withdrawal limits are $50.

    Facebook support was correct in their answer, but this did not apply to you because your account was grandfathered into a $50 limit.

    If you transfer your funds as the account is now, you will receive USD, and the limit will be $50.

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