Error while registering


Im trying to register for payoneer account but everytime i do, i get this error (attached)

Please help



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    Hi there @faizaniftikhar

    Please try logging in from a computer after clearing your cache and cookies as well as changing the browser if needed (we are compatible with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) You can also try connecting using the incognito/private mode.
    If this doesn't work, try accessing our website from a completely different network or server.

    If all these actions don't resolve the issue, please provide our support team with a full screenshot of the issue you are having at

  • faizaniftikharfaizaniftikhar Posts: 3Member
    ok doing that now. Please wait. thanks
  • faizaniftikharfaizaniftikhar Posts: 3Member
    yes it worked on incognito window. Thanks
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