why ask for invoice

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hello , i wanted to send money to my Mother account , and i picked supper account , after that it asked for invoice , why ? she is my mom and thats her personal account , please check the pictures {https://ibb.co/yWZSvDV} and here how payoneer told me to add the account {https://ibb.co/JzWC4Kx}

i am so confused , please someone help me , how to fix this


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    all what i want to do is send to her 250 $

    should i ask mom to go to the bank and get normal invoice from the bank ? for example add 100 $ and take invoice and send it to me ? or you need invoice from mom to me that she wants 250 $ ?

  • nesquik011nesquik011 Posts: 27Member ✭✭

    {https://ibb.co/FJM85y4} check the picture and help me what should i pick ?

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    Hi there,

    Please note that when you add another person's account (a supplier account), it is meant to be for business purposes so when you add a supplier account we ask for verifying information. If this is a transaction that is strictly personal we advise that you do not use Payoneer for it. You may need to withdraw to your own bank, then send your mother these funds using your bank.

    Thank you!

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