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Hello, I have applied for Payoneer on October 21st and still didn’t get the approval until now! I also sent 2 documents on October 28th and it got approved and sent another one last Friday and still no approval after almost one week! It said 3-5 business days! I have been waiting for 2 and half weeks now!
Is there something wrong with the account or i should create new one? I am in need for the account and im not seeing progress! Thank you.

Customer ID 34495551


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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear it's taken so long to get the account approved. Our team is working on approving your documents as soon as they can. There's a slight back log with that department so it can take longer than usual. But we assure you that your case is being worked on.

    We would definitely not suggest creating a new account. We will take care of this one soon.

    Should you need an update on this please be sure to contact customer support via phone. Thanks!

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