update the shipping address issue for obtaining payoneer mastercard

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i had updated my shipping address
1) at beginning, it was like
44620 ( i will give the details of address in inbox)

2) i then kept an alternate shipping address as 44600

3)then payoneer asked me to write the shipping address-: i wrote that of 44620

4)payoneer messaged me that that address was unverified because "Unfortunately, the info you entered does not match our request, and we need you to send it again."
5) now i have sent the shipping address of post office 44600...BUT...since the address of that postal office is changed now from 'sundhara' to 'dillibazar', i have changed it..

proof of address change can be found here-:


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    For regulatory reasons we will require an address that is specific. A number of a PO box is not sufficient. We need a specific mailing address.

    Thank you.

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