Receiving an payment.

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I am concerned about my payment. My client sent me a link via email to confirm the payment through Payoneer. I linked my existing account but it's not yet verified. I already received an email from Payoneer stating "We're happy to let you know that you'll now receive payments ". Then I received a second email stating "Unfortunately, the file you uploaded is either a copy of a copy, one side of a two-sided document, or otherwise incomplete and we need you to send it again."

My concern right now is can I still receive and withdraw the payment?

Hoping for your swift response.

My customer ID: 32232974


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    From this e-mail it sounds that you need to submit a photo of your document, taken with a camera or phone, and not a photocopy or a scanned copy. It is important to get your account approved so that you can receive payments.

    Thank you!

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