Fiverr revenue card vs payoneer card

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Hi members,
I need help
different b/w Fiverr revenue card vs Payoneer card
I received money from my Paypal account in Payoneer and I will withdraw money from the Fiverr revenue card soon, so from Fiverr debit card can I use my Payoneer fund from Online shopping or cash withdrawal or Fiver debit card is only for Fiverr withdraw?
Please help me.


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    @tabishhere Hello,

    Both cards can be used anywhere prepaid mastercards can be accepted. Whether that be at ATM/POS or online merchants. However, they can different fees. In order to see what kind of fees you will be paying, simply log in to your Payoneer Account and select the "Pricing & Fees" tab located under the "Help" menu.

    Thank you.

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