Payment not reached in my Bank Account



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    @aamirhacker said:

    @Webinnovation22 said:
    Wow! Yippee! Hooray!, me too recv my 50K

    Thank @aamirhacker bro, you too help us pushing CS and informing the issue even from our side

    hahah Welcome Bhai! Next time if it happens, we will do the same. But I hope it will never happen again.> @Webinnovation22 said:

    @techguyit said:
    Update: Received my payment just a moment ago. Going to do the next withdrawal lol

    actually me too need to withdraw my next 1300 USD, but little confused... guide me please can i make a withdrawal in bank or use payoneer card???

    @aamirhacker please guide me


    I can't say anything because I haven't withdrawn yet after that thing. But I believe there is 99.999% chance you will get the payment to your local bank.

    Do on Monday instead.


    Yes, i m also thinking abt to do this on monday

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    Guys, I want to let you know that I've received my withdrawal money as well!!!!! So happy. :)

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    @AsmaShahid said:
    Guys, I want to let you know that I've received my withdrawal money as well!!!!! So happy. :)


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    edited September 2018
    Just one hour before, I received payment in my HBL account.
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    hello everyone! received the payment at 8:30 this evening Alhamdulillah,

  • mumtaz20202
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    Thanks to all guys,
    I hope your all Payment Received on your Bank.

  • nicoleblanca
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    withdraw issue. My payment didnt reach my bank yet its been 9 days

    Date: December 20, 2018
    Amount: $197
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    Hi @nicoleblanca If your payment did not reach your bank account yet, you need to contact the support in order for our representatives to transfer your request to the relevant department to begin investigating the delays you are experiencing with your payment transfer.

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    > @Webinnovation22 said:
    > @mumtaz20202 said:
    > :) Am so happy my Payment successfully received.
    > (🏦 HBL)
    > Thanks to all guys......
    > when... please tell us, today at which local time

    Which HBL account do you have?
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    Exciting discussion.. Just facing something similar...will use all you guys solution measures taught here...Thanks brothers
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    Thanks for All

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    hey. i am writing this comment from 2019. i transacted on 11 sept and still havent received my money. what should i do. thats a lot money for me. the payoneer arent checking properly or proceeding. they arent even taking and action. they are just telling me to wait and that i'll receive it. if ypu guys have any idea how you get your money, kindly inform.
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    I am also facing withdrawal issue. Made a withdrawal on 28.01.2020 and still not received. Contacted Payoneer support twice and they say that the bank team is reviewing the issue. Anyone else facing this issue in 2020?

  • Saadd
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    I am facing problem which some of the members faced in September 2018,
    I made a withdrawal from paynoeer, I shows completed on the app but I haven't received any money in my bank account,
    This is the 1st time this is happening to me, I need your help
  • SunilSingh
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    Hello, im facing the same issue, transfer completed on 19th but still haven't credited in my bank, im from india and my bank is KVB.
    waiting till 5 days as suggested by customer care
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    Hey all,

    How are you, I have something similar situation, I have made a withdrawal on 13 January 2021, my payment status is complete but the payment has not reached my bank account, can anyone of you tell me how much time does your payment took in reaching your bank?

    I have contacted them via email and they had replied to me that their payment processor needs more information about my payment which's why it's a delay.

    Can anyone tell me that how much time it took for you guys in reaching your payments to your banks, and is there anything which I need to worry about?

    I have an account in Meezan Bank.


  • regohr
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    It arrived, it's already a month late for me, and it's terrible, it has affected me a lot