**Payoneer & StreamElements**

Hello,StreamElements is a donation website made for content creators (YouTube,Twitch streamers/gamers) Since Payoneer is already supporting Patreon which is also used by the creators on YouTube and other platforms,it would be very good if Payoneer could put themselfs in the game with donation websites,where people can select Payoneer as their payment method and receive to the Payoneer. What i mean by donation websites is like: StreamLabs,StreamElements etc etc...These websites are used by millions of creators to receive donation and it would be amazing if one of them had a Payoneer option. It would also work out if Payoneer can make their own donation page,where people can give the link to the certain person and donate via credit card or PayPal,what ever works best.


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    Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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