My thread being closed after a single useless reply

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I was really hoping that at least hear my message will be fully read before sending another generic answer. But no, all I got is another bot-like reply, that only stated the same as before. And then I found it being closed for further discussion. This is unacceptable.
Again, I'm having troubles to get a full list of currencies to add, it's NOT EVEN SHOWING AUD which I need most at this point. I only get to see a few others, but not all of those that you promote as available.
I already sent screenshots two times, seems like nobody cared to review. Can I please get a real human to check the issue and provide me some solution that makes sense?


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    We're sorry that you found the previous response to be "useless".

    The AUD currency is not a currency that is widely available for all users, so if you can't request it it usually means you are ineligible at the time.

    We've gone ahead and added you to a list for users to expand the AUD currency too, for when the currency is more widely available in the future.


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