I need to change to Community Federal Saving Bank to transfer the money I have in PayPal

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Please I need help, I already contacted your customer care but all I got was automated reply. I have a verified paypal account with a working card linked to it, and a balance in the thousands of your dollars, but i cant link to my bank account in payoneer because paypal refuses First Century Bank account.I need a new Community Federal Savings Bank account so that i can link it to paypal. When I contacted your customer care all I got was automated reply.
I already have a card with sufficient funds linked and when I verified with PayPal they told me i need to contact you to change the name of First Century Bank to Community Federal Saving Bank so help me please
Thank you.
My customer Customer ID is 38077149


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    Hi there. For security reasons, please send us here: https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/ask/l_id/1 an email with your request and the reason for it. You can also include any relevant detail regarding your request.

    Once you send the email, please contact us via private message and provide us the reference number, so we can proceed with the assistance.

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