Wrong bank details

Bilalmajaaz2Bilalmajaaz2 Member Posts: 7
Reference Number:196770219
I want to cancel my withdrawal because this bank account is not available to recieve payments from Payoneer.
IBAN is correct but this Local bank account(Easypaisa) doesn't operate with Payoneer.
Please help!
Will my payment come back since Easypaisa doesnt accept it.


  • umarpakumarpak Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Hey Bilal any update with your problem? What happened with your money transfer?
  • Bilalmajaaz2Bilalmajaaz2 Member Posts: 7
    Thank you for asking.Sharply after 14 day I got all my money back.And between that I recieved responsible feedbacks from Payoneer community.
  • umarpakumarpak Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Thanks for your input. It's comforting to know it worked well for you. Did you contact customer support? (and should I contact them as well since I think I am in somewhat similar situation OR all of this will be resolved automatically?)
  • Bilalmajaaz2Bilalmajaaz2 Member Posts: 7
    For your satisfaction it is good to contact them otherwise it is an automatic process that the payment will bounce back if no correct platform is provided..
  • Bilalmajaaz2Bilalmajaaz2 Member Posts: 7
    Once again for your satisfaction you just mail the support..
    Just to keep it as a proof..
    If not still you are going to recieve it back
  • umarpakumarpak Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
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    Yeah ok. Will do, thanks for your help :)
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