I have need to assign "Federal Community Savings Bank" account number and i requested but nothing.

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Hi, My name is rizwan and I need Community Federal Savings Bank added to my Global Payment Service (USD) so I get my funds from my PayPal account to my payoneer.

I already have a debit card linked and confirmed to the paypal account. I've also sent a message to support and still no response after two days.

Your Customer ID: 8977508
Reference Number: 200620-004566
Pleaes proceed with this any one of your should do as soon as possbile thanx.


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    Hi there. We assigned you 1 new US Payment Service details, please check your email.

  • MalikAhmerShahzadMalikAhmerShahzad Member Posts: 1
    Respected Sir, I too have the same issue. I made a Paypal account and tried to link my Payoneer account with it so that I could transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer and withdraw it from there on. But it wasn't successful. When I put the routing and the account number of First Century Bank, an error message showed up: Account is disabled. I tried to search for a solution and found that there wouldn't be any such issue if I had 'Community Federal Savings Bank' as a US Bank account. Therefore, it is requested you to kindly switch my bank account from First Century to Community Federal Savings Bank. I sent two or three messages but did not get any response.
    Reference Number: 200619-017933
  • muhammadianmuhammadian Member Posts: 3
    Very thanx i checked into my profile new bank account attached to my payoneer (Federal Community Savings Bank).
    so i linked this account to paypal and withdraw 20$ from and it takes 2 to 3 days i will confirm you if payment receive or not please dont close this question requesting.
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    is there any help !!
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