What is going on? Why do the payment funds remain pending for days?

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My funds from Amazon have been in the pending section for 2 days now. This is the first time this ever happened to me. Usually the upcoming funds become available in just a matter of hours. Now it's been two days. Is this going to be a thing from now on?

Or maybe because it's still the weekend? But then that never affected my payments in the past either. I hope that's just really the case.


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    Hey! We see that the payments are pending and we forwarded the matter to our payment department for investigation. They will notify you as soon as we have an update.

  • madeleinelabitanmadeleinelabitan Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Thank you. I hope it gets settled in no time because I really need the money.

  • madeleinelabitanmadeleinelabitan Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    It's been a week and my money is still pending!!! I've sent lots of emails and messaged on Twitter and Facebook, and still nothing!!! I managed to get hold of a rep through chat and said the delay was due to a technical error, and I just had to wait for 24 hours. Well it's almost been 48hrs, and again, NOTHING!!! THIS IS GETTING SO FRUSTRATING AND VERY VERY STRESSFUL!!!

    I get payments from Amazon every 28th/29th of the month. Is this going to be the new normal???!!!!!

  • madeleinelabitanmadeleinelabitan Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    UPDATE: I just got them, finally! You can close this now. Thank you!!!

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