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Payment is still in pending state.

GulEjannat Member Posts: 2
Hi, Payoneer team! I withdrew the amount from fiver on 16 july but it's still in pending state. I have already submitted the verification details. Can you please help me get my amount as early as possible?

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  • GulEjannat
    GulEjannat Member Posts: 2
    Problem solved. Thank you.
  • LauraPayoneer
    LauraPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @GulEjannat , great to hear that. If you face any other issues with your account, it is always recommended to contact our Customer Support department - via the link or sending a private message via Facebook/Twitter.

  • teximran007
    teximran007 Member Posts: 1
    Dear concern person,

    I need a one transaction under review from 27th august..its my 2nd transaction 1st time was just need one day for review..but 2nd time taking too long....i don't see any issue in my account bcz of its my verified account and no pending task..i was trying many way to contact you also sent a mail but no reply from u guys what can i do then......pls check my issue ASAP..
    If you guys need any other information i can give.

    Please solve my issue 😭 urgent basis.
    Thanks in advance.

    Transaction ID
  • NessieVinyl2018
    NessieVinyl2018 Member Posts: 1
    I've been waiting on my money from patreon for a couple of days now and im starting to get very worried that there is an issue with my account. Because i live in the UK and brexit is happening i recieved a notification stating that i needed to submit additional information however when i go to the requested information tab it says that there are no issues and that they have all the information they need.

    Now though, i've had to wait 3-4 days on my money and am beginning to get nervous that there is an issue since all the other times i have taken money out it happens in a matter of hours. I can try to wait for the 2 - 5 days for it to process but im starting to worry. Hoping someone who works at payoneer can see this and help me out
  • pratikmojumder
    pratikmojumder Member Posts: 4
    my one transaction under review from 24th august..its my 1st transaction
  • aishash
    aishash Member Posts: 0
    I withdraw money from fiverr before 30 hours but payment pending in upcoming payments. its my first transaction from fiverr and i also submitted all requirements of verification centre. what is problem with my Account. thanks
  • Naheed
    Naheed Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Pending clerance refers to the money that you will receive after waiting for 14 days or 7 days for TRS. So its not something to be worried about, have a little patience because that's how things work in freelancing. You can check out more details about earning policies of fiver at https://www.fiverr_com/support/articles/360010559998?utm_source=wix
  • wajahatx1
    wajahatx1 Member Posts: 2
    its been 2 days since i withdraw from fiverr. and it is in upcoming transaction with status showing pending.
    i havent recieved any email and there is no requirement in the verification center . kindly help me.
  • aishash
    aishash Member Posts: 0
    By Mistakenly i was put wrong Name on Account details and after create account i linked this account with fiverr and transfer money to payoneer account. payment showing still in pending section last 3 days . unfortunately i didn't receive confirmation email .
    please tell what should i do now?
  • kated418
    kated418 Member Posts: 0
    My fiverr withdrawal into my payoneer account is still on pending for more than 24hours while payoneer promised that it will take only two hours..please, I ask the playneer team to look into this issue.
    This is becoming very rampant..I need my money for my business!
    I work hard for my money!
    I don't want any further delay
  • sang121793
    sang121793 Member Posts: 0
    Plss help me ive done all required verification but still my salary is pending..i badly need it 😭😭
  • sang121793
    sang121793 Member Posts: 0
    Plss help me i cant claim my salary, ive done all verification but still pending since aug. 28 😢
  • Arslan_Asif
    Arslan_Asif Member Posts: 1
    My payment is still in pending

    I make a transaction approximately 26 August from fiver account but still not get the payment in my account... the only thing i am seeing in a my account is just the pending status of my payment from many days ....

    can you please tell me what i do now ?
  • Arslan_Asif
    Arslan_Asif Member Posts: 1
    i m facing same issue can you tell me the solution please ?
  • kelnei777
    kelnei777 Member Posts: 3
    Goodness.. everyone has their payments on pending. I have mine at 7 days and counting + it was a pretty big amount.. its really concerning that I'm not getting any support from the people there.
  • Hulan
    Hulan Member Posts: 1
    I have same problem too, mine is pending from 7th of September. My gosh their service is really the "best"
  • FaisalAhmed
    FaisalAhmed Member Posts: 2

    My payment Under review from July 22.2020.

    It is really frustrating, I raised my issues several times and seeking help from Payoneer team.

    My Customer
    ID 26535779

    Transaction ID

    Transaction history

    Transaction ID

    22 Jul 2020

    Under review
    22 Jul 2020.
  • promoters4reals
    promoters4reals Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2020
    Hello guys please I really need your help I withdraw from my fiverr account 2 week ago
    since 19 September now it is still in pending status please help me I have been trying all means to contact you guys but no reply I hope you can help me my customer ID is 39979404 please help me for God sake 😔😔