It's been more than 7 business days and still my payment from fiver is under-review

MusharibMusharib Member Posts: 2

I performed a transaction from fiver on 2nd September, I've been told that my payment will be cleared with in 7 business days. It is 8th business day today and still transaction is under review.

Secondly, I'm submitting complaints from past 4 days, via email, via live chat and via call. No one is there to assist me. My emails are left unanswered, my messages are left awaiting and my call is disconnected every time i enter my Customer Id.

I'm waiting for a response to clear my transaction.


  • kenneth3900kenneth3900 Member Posts: 6
    I too have had the same problem with payooner ,they have refused to pay out my funds and have also refused to attend to me after multiple emails and calls. ,they even blocked me from.contacting them via calls , this is just wrong , in all types of ways , please attend to my issue and release my funds.
  • MusharibMusharib Member Posts: 2
    They ain't even giving any response to me, nor to my any email, transactions are still under review after 12 days. Worst customer support i ever experienced.
  • Aliza_123Aliza_123 Member Posts: 6
    Hi there, I have this same issue. I sent my money from fiverr to payoneer on 7th sep,2020. Now it's almost 8 days passed, and I didn't received any payment
  • twinssvenatwinssvena Member Posts: 1
    edited September 16
    Same problem I have. Usually, payments are deposited to my card after 2 days without any problems. I requested payment on 8th September and payer paid same day. 7 days payment was under review.
    Just after I contacted support to ask what is going on with a payment, they asked me to provide some additional info. So I did not response in less than hour and they canceled payment. I completely agree, this is very, very bad customer support. They only sent automatic response. I was waiting on chat support more than hour, and than give up. Disappointing and unprofessional.
  • pelitoneschristian2pelitoneschristian2 Member Posts: 1
    :# I'm very new to payoneer and my client sent me his payment last September 10, 2020. Now, September 16, and I still haven't received my payment. It still says that its processing. I checked his payment method and it is credit card which is suppose to have 2 calendar days of processing time. It's really frustrating especially that we are in lockdown and I only depend my daily living on my client's payment. Please help.
  • pelitoneschristian2pelitoneschristian2 Member Posts: 1
    Same here, and what infuriates me is that they don't even give time to respond to your email.
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