how can i change payment method from payoneer card balance to payoneer account balance

aftab_mughalaftab_mughal Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
when i try to send $ to the person who send me a payment request it is asking me to add my payoneer credit card details but i dont have a credit card. i just want to pay the person from my payoneer account balance but there is not any options to change payment method. Help me how can i pay from my payoneer account balance when someone send me a payment request.


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    Hello @aftab_mughal

    The service you are looking for is called "Make A Payment". It is an additional service that we offer. By default you are enabled to receive payments from other users, however the option to send funds has certain requirements to be enabled. Please contact Customer Support in order to check whether the option to send funds to other users is already available on your account and they will advise you accordingly.

    Thank you

  • XollingXolling Member Posts: 1
    how to change from card balance to account balance, i dont have payoneer card and i need to withdraw my balance... i did not get my card so i need to change it to account balance because i can not withdraw my usd balance
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