Payoneer didn't verified my bank details. It's been 2 weeks now.

AbhayAbhay Member Posts: 4
Hi Payoneer team.
I've sent my bank info 4 days ago, but no one has replied me back. After then whenever I select the receive button, I can't see the global payments and other options below.
Can you please review my account fast??
Here's my customer ID: 40272391


  • AhsanTariqAhsanTariq Member Posts: 1
    Customer ID 33389820
    Ahsan Tariq

    Hi Payoneer team.

    I was looking to withdraw my freelancing receipts and transfer to my bank account. I have sent my bank details and other information including my National ID card and Picture 5 days ago, but my account has not been approved. I am in serious need of funds immediately so you are request to approve my account at the earliest. I would be great favor of you. Regards
  • mahfuz_monsurmahfuz_monsur Member Posts: 2
    Customer ID 33022536
    Having Same problem. Please help Payoneer team.
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