What is the minimum withdrawal to bank account on Payoneer?

vince3589vince3589 Member Posts: 3
Hi, I am a beginner to this platform and just received payment yesterday. Trying to withdraw 43 usd to my bank account but it stated Amount available for withdrawal is less than allowed minimum. Someone help please

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    I also can't draw any of my money. This is ridiculous
  • vince3589vince3589 Member Posts: 3
    No, I need a solution.
  • vince3589vince3589 Member Posts: 3
    > @nmvj217 said:
    > The minumum is $50
    Thank you, is it 50 usd?
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    Buenas noches, me gustaria saber cuanto es el minimo para retirar a mi cuenta de banco. tengo 100$ y no me deja: axeso mensaje. Balance actual: 100.00 USD El monto disponible para la transferencia es inferior al mínimo permitido. cual es el mínimo ?
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    Hi there
    You will need to receive more payments to reach the $50 threshold :smile:

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    Is it $50 for everyone? No matter which country you're from?
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    Hi there!

    Please note the minimum for withdrawal can vary based on the bank account you add.

    For more information on this please check out the relevant post here:

    Withdraw to Bank - FAQ

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