I would Love Payoneer To Work With Chitika.com

Chitika and Payoneer.com
Hi Payoneer Team,

I am a Payoneer Card and Virtual US Account holder and get payments from some websites and also from my clients using private payments.

I am also working with Chitika.com. Chitika is a famous Ad serving company for website publishers and have a huge network of members. Currently Chitika is only offering PAYPAL and CHECK option.

I have also requested Chitika to contact with you. They said that they will look into this matter. But I cannot see any progress in this matter.

I request PAYONEER team to contact with CHITIKA.com and try to add Payoneer as Payment option on chitika.com



  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,749 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for posting! We'll certainly reach out to them and see if we can establish a partnership in the future.
  • AjnabiiAjnabii Member Posts: 8
    Hi Nissim,

    I would love to see Chitika payment method via Payoneer. Please contact chitika payment department and establish a partnership ASAP.
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