Payoneer Card Issue - No help from Support Center

UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
Hi I made a request back in March 2020 for a Payoneer card for Fiverr. My request wasn't approved because I needed to uploaded my identity card, which I later did. I can't transfer funds from Fiverr to my bank account now because of pending card request. I want to cancel my card request so I can connect my back account instead and receive payment through it.

There has been a lot of delay and I don't want further delay by having to wait for the card.

I have submitted a request to Payoneer twice but all I get is an automated response with generic answers that don't solve my problem.


  • ibraheemhsnibraheemhsn Member Posts: 0
    I received $138 before 3 days and successfully appears in my transactions.
    but till now I can not see balance in USD wallet and can not order a new card, I face this error message when I try to order a card :

    You'll be able to order a Payoneer card once you've received payments of at least 100.00 USD (or equivalent) to your account in the previous 6 months.
  • UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
    Anyone? I am sure Payoneer does have support staff?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,303

    Hi there
    From where did you receive your payments?

  • SheharyarAhmadSheharyarAhmad Member Posts: 1
    What is the procedure of getting a Payoneer Mastercard if I have the transaction of at least $100 as per instructions?
  • UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
  • aminoooaminooo Member Posts: 1
    Hi morga
    ihave the same problem as ibraheemhsn
    I received $100 before 12 days from a customer and successfully appears in my Balances, but till now I can not not order a payoneer card !
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,303

    Hi there! From where did you receive the payments?

  • hakimchamonhakimchamon Member Posts: 1
    I have 110 dollars in my payoneer account. But i cannot see any card management or order card menu in my payoneer account. I cannot order Payoneer Master Card. Please help me why i cannot order payoneer master card. Thanks.
  • UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
    The issue is still persisting, the requests I submit to resolve my issue get an auto reply that never addresses the issue. Is there NO WAY to contact a customer support representative that can help in solving the problem?
  • UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
    No response from anyone at Payoneer, its been three weeks now that I am looking for a solution.
  • UmerTariiqUmerTariiq Member Posts: 6
    Almost a month has passed and still no help. Beyond a joke at this point honestly.
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