Are there two types of Payoneer accounts like "personal" & "Business"?

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Are there two types of Payoneer accounts like "personal" & "Business"? I have been trying to open an account for the last one year, but all in vain. I do not have a business. I am a freelancer, and want only a personal account to receive my remuneration from some companies. Now I doubt by mistake I tried to open a business account. The documents I submitted include my local bank account, address proof, global payment service questionnaire, and merchant application form. Now no requirements left. Still, my account is not approved.
If it's a business account can I open another personal account?


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    Hi, the business/company account and the personal account are two different account types. The documents required for both are different - the company account requires company identification documents as well as personal, whereas personal only requires personal details.

    If you have a business account, it is okay to open a personal one, and vice versa.


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    The account asked me finally for "merchant verification" form. Does it mean that my account is a business account?
    Also, even after 2 years of account opening, except for my Driver license, all documents I uploaded show "submitted" status. And, "no open requirements" now.
    I could add one funding source. Can I successfully receive money now through my account? Or will I have to wait for the approval of all the documents? Why are then the team not responding to my queries?
    I'm totally confused about the status of the account.
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    Dear @impulse
    No it does not mean that your account is a business account. The merchant application form is a form that needs to be filled by each of our customers. These details are necessary in order for our payment approval team to verify the sources of your future payments and your line of business. You do not need to wait for the approval of the documents, you just need to make sure that the status has turned to "submitted".
    Please know that the payment approval team may requests for additional information in some cases.

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    I'm sorry to say that your customer service is extremely irresponsive. After sending numerous emails and tickets, I've got no reply even after several weeks. I could successfully add one funding source to my Global Bank Transfer account through the link my company forwarded to me. However, I failed to add another company by logging in through their website. It simply takes me to my payoneer account, but the payer is not listed in the funding source. What must be the issue? What should I inform the company? Is it because of some glitches in their site?
    Since one funding source is added, does it mean that my account is in approved status?
    Please answer my queries.
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    @impulse we are sorry to hear that you did not receive any response from the support

    As a first step, I recommend that you clear the cache and cookies of your browser, and try again.
    If it does not work, you can try to apply for a second account through your paying company and later ask the support to merge the accounts.
    In case you are not able to reach the support via email, you can call the support through the following toll free number: 91-000-800-440-4022, you can as well reach us via our social media platforms by sending a private message on Facebook or Twitter! Keep us updated!

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    Thank you. I will try accordingly
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    my payoneer account has been credited with my salary. I dont see a withdraw option anywhere. Transfer to my local bank account is now in pending status. How long will this take to reach my account? Can I believe that my account is functioning well since the amount appeared in my account?
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    If you have initiated the transfer not during a business day, you will normally receive the confirmation email the day after!

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    Finally, I received my payment successfully to my local bank!
    But another major issue persisting is that I failed to register my main funding source with my payoneer account. The company that pays me mainly is Although as per your instructions, I deleted cookies and caches from my browser and tried again through the funder's site, I failed. The pop-up window says, "It seems you already have sent an application, login". However, the company is not registered in my list.
    I remember, earlier I had tried to register for a payoneer card through the same site and dropped the plan in between when I came to know that payoneer card doesn't work in India. Is that the reason for the issue? Although I asked the support for removing that old account, I never got a reply.
    Please tell me how I can fix this issue and register my company in the funding sources.
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    Hi @impulse,

    This issue usually indicates that the Writerbay account is currently attached to another Payoneer account. In order to find out, I would suggest to contact our customer support. You'll need to tell them the ID number of the Writerbay account, which you can get by contacting Writerbay directly. The support team should be able to identify which Payoneer account that the Writerbay account is on.

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    Yes. What you suggested was right! I contacted Payoneer through Twitter & Facebook. They informed me that my writerbay account has been linked to a different account, which was left unapproved somewhere in the past. In fact, I had forgotten that matter. I can no way regain that account and meet the requirements since I don't remember anything about that except the email ID I used to register.
    Therefore, I have asked the support to merge my accounts and let writerbay linked to my approved account ID 13883945.
    Hope this can be done from your side. How long will this take?
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    Hi there, it can take 1-3 business days to approve a merge request but the process is relatively quick after that and can be finished quickly.

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    Should both the accounts be approved before the merger? Currently, only one has been approved. Which is the exact email ID to which I can send my national ID & address proof for verification in this case?
    Finally, can my payer remove the connected unapproved payoneer account from their side and link it with the approved payoneer account instead?
    Please answer
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    Hi there,

    Only the account that we are merging into should be approved instead of both. So for whichever account we are combining into, you should send the verification documents for that one to approve it.

    WriterBay would be unable to do this on their end.

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    Okay. But things are desperately slow and complex. Even my approved account has asked me for further documents. I don't know why
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    We do apologize for the delays. We only ask for documents to assure that your payment activity can be supported on Payoneer without us having any compliance issues, and additionally because approved documents do not transfer from one account to the next.

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    I uploaded my passport, driver license, bank passbook, bank statement till date. In all those documents, the major things like my name, house name, postal code, and district are similar. some documents contain extra details like taluk, RTO office etc. depending on the authority that issued them.
    Do such differences matter in this case? And, unfortunately, I don't have a utility bill to submit.
    please answer what must be the issue

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    The documents will be verified by the account approval department and they'll be able to provide you with further information that we cannot unfortunately provide through the forum in such case.

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    It seems that plenty of people are working with the forum and social media support, whereas customer support seems deserted! Strange. I have been getting emails for "refer a friend". In fact, I have a lot of friends who are freelancers. But how can I refer them since I have been trying to open an account with you since 2015?

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    The support does reply to emails, however, it is not instantaneously. As we have explained, only our account approval department can verify the documents and approve them, there is nothing much that we can really advise regarding this inquiry.
    Our support usually responds within three business days. You have also the option to contact the support directly via phone at 1-646-658-3695.

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    Hi, I will use my Company to register Business account in Payoneer but as my company has no visa card, I will use personal visa card to put in. If this ok?
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