Verification Center documents and payment Under Review through September

I have submitted my documents to Verification Center several times in September and it's still Under Review (last submission on 17th September 2020).

How long does it take to get this approved and get my payment? Please let me know, thanks. If there is a problem with the documents, can somebody please state what exactly is needed?

I live in France so my utility bills and housing documents are in French. I am also living C/O in a friend's apartment, so the rental contract I submitted is in her name, but my cellphone bill clearly states the address.

Customer name : Pranidhi Tara Tuladhar
Customer ID 25317645
Email : [email protected]


  • ninoDZninoDZ Member Posts: 5
    same problem for me
  • devinizeticdevinizetic Member Posts: 3
    same here
  • Flora20Flora20 Member Posts: 1
    I uploaded the wrong bank details and am not able to change ! The verification center won't let me... Can someone please tell me how I can contact Payoneer and change the bank details so I can get paid? (it has been over 2 months) Thank you in advance!
  • DilemaradioDilemaradio Member Posts: 2
    same problem
  • rbwattrbwatt Member Posts: 1
    I've submitted the correct documents multiple times now and they still have been rejected. They are perfect copies and clearly show my address. What is the issue here?
  • idriszufaridriszufar Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2020
    same here, my documents are still under review for like 10 days, idk the issue why payoneer is really slow. never gonna use payoneer again.
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