I can't withdraw. Minimum monthly withdraw limit shows $110000

shihab856shihab856 Member Posts: 3
I have $32 current balance, but I can't withdraw it shows error 'amount available for withdrawal is less then minimum' and 'Minimum monthly withdraw limit shows $110000'. Please help.


  • sullesulle Member Posts: 4
    same, me too.

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  • zain_azhar19zain_azhar19 Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2020
    The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 per transaction. At least that's what it shows me now. it might change once I'll have my card. I have applied for the card, its been 2 weeks and it is still in "pending approval" Contacted the support but got nothing out of it.
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  • CornerstoneCadreCornerstoneCadre Member Posts: 1
    I don't see an actual answer to this question and my account says the same thing as the posed question???
  • jkinnjkinn Member Posts: 2
    Same problem - would be interested in the answer!
  • saeedurrehmansaeedurrehman Member Posts: 2
    same here
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