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Whats happened to you Payoneer!

Tengamer10 Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
edited December 2020 in Ask The Community

In all my years in Payoneer, you've finally resorted to this BS! How is it Paypal charged me 79, and in the end im paying 86 USD! Apart from that fact that you are now charging everytime we pay (which I will never do again!)

And what is this BS auto convert to GBP then to USD. Before you've resorted to robbery, when the bill states an amount (regardless of currency), that was the amount I paid! And we didnt need to pay outgoing fees either!

This is just ludicrous!

If I file a refund, will I get back the WHOLE amount or are you taking your cut from it again?
I need to know because that thing I bought isnt worth 86 USD! Its only worth 79!

Im definitely making some posts and youtube so the world knows!