ERROR MESSAGE: We are unable to accept payments at this time please try again later

Hi Community/Team

One of my clients from USA can't pay the payment request sent several times in the last few days. All the times he tried, he had obtained the following error message: We are unable to accept payments at this time please try again later. So. Is anything wrong with Payoneer or is an issue with my account/my client? Actually he paid through Payoneer several times already. Could you please help? The usual Payoneer support team doesn't answer any of the few tickets I've opened in the last months.

Anyway, thanks in advance!



  • mithrilsmithrils Member Posts: 1
    My client get this message when trying to pay. He did one payment the day before this and it worked fine but now gets this message. Any information about this?
  • nikkoritskynikkoritsky Member Posts: 2
    Same case for me. My client is getting angry with all this, any information from the Payoneer?
  • 2867259128672591 Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I am new to payoneer. I have sent request for payment from my client in canada. But when she is trying to make a payment she is getting this error " We are sorry, We are unable to accept payments at this time".
    Please guide me about this.
  • usamamubeen1usamamubeen1 Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2020
    I am a designer and I did a logo for an Indian client... Now the job is done and She wants to send me the money but when she tries to make a payment she gets an error "We are unable to accept payment at this time, please try again later". She is trying since last week and getting the same error. She sent me money before through Payoneer but I don't know what is the problem this time?

    I really need this money from my client because the electricity bill is upon me and If I don't pay on time I will lose the electricity in my house. So, please help me, guys.
  • FlavexxxxxxxxxFlavexxxxxxxxx Member Posts: 5
    Hi. Same error message in my case for an client in USA, after he tried several times in the lasts days. Can anyone give a feedback please? Thanks.
  • FlavexxxxxxxxxFlavexxxxxxxxx Member Posts: 5
    Hi. I have the same issue. Apparently this forum doesn't work and also the Payoneer support work anymore. Nobody answer the questions in both cases. Sad but true in my case. All the best. Cheers!
  • FlavexxxxxxxxxFlavexxxxxxxxx Member Posts: 5
    Same case for me... And there is not any answer from Payoneer. No customer support at all, no answers in the forum. I think is time to move on and look for others payments solutions. Cheers!
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