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I an Indian citizen.
I have Syndicate bank account as my default account in Payoneer. But know the Syndicate bank is merged with Canara and all the accounts in Syndicate banks are migrated to Canara bank. Now there is a change in IFSC code and bank name. Will it affect the transaction of money from Payoneer to my bank account?
Should I change the account details?
Is anyone has a similar situation?
Or any idea about this situation?


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    Hey there!

    If any of your bank details have changed, you should definitely update your bank details in your Payoneer account. Transferring funds to incorrect or outdated bank details can cause delays in receiving payment to your bank.

    You will have to re-add your bank details as a new bank account. You can also delete the outdated bank details. You can do this in your account under the "Settings" menu and choose "Bank Accounts".

    For more information on managing your bank information on Payoneer, please check out the following post:

    Withdraw to Bank - FAQ

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