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Hi i have opened up a Payoneer account. I am selling on Amazon Australia. When Amazon pays me i want it to be disbursed to my Payonneer account. Amazon has said to link Payonneer by selecting global payments and request the Australian currency so i can enter that bank name, number etc etc into the Amazon deposit method. The problem is when i fo to global payments i dont have the Australian currency there and it is also not at the top where i can request it..!!!! I only have the EURO, GBP and US currency. I have the Japan and Canadian curry at the top where you can request new currencies but no Australian currency. Im lo


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    Hi @anythingpets

    Please submit your request to Support Center and choose the correct topic to avoid delays with processing your request.

  • anythingpetsanythingpets Member Posts: 3
    I have done this and every time i do i receive the same automated answer that doesnt help me at all.
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